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About Studio G

The Studio G project started from the idea of ​​creating a room to produce and record Mares. Over time, we have grown, and now we have come to the conclusion that we can make the studio available to other talented people in Ploiesti and beyond. Now, Mares is the sound engineer of this studio, the concept was created by Mares.

Studio G


Do you want to record a cover, a instrument or even an album? You will need microphones, preamplifiers, and a talented man to work with.

Mix&Mastering Online

We have the necessary equipment for the desired result.

Commercials Spot

At an advertising spot the quality counts

Music production

Creativity, originality and professionalism are at the heart of a successful song.



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Studio inregistrari Ploiesti :: STUDIO G

Studio G

Strada Constantin Grigorescu, nr.16, Ploiesti
0736 464 710